You can join me and the rest of the class on YouTube.  Check out my YouTube for any classes you might have missed or new video lessons and processes.  And if you want to keep up with my uploads or announcements, you can follow me on Google+, Facebook and Twitter!  Oh, and if you like cats, I have an Instagram too.


Also, don't forgot to check out my Deviant Art for my full gallery and for announcements for streams or any news on my DA journals.


Join the hangout!

We regularly hangout together using google+ Hangouts! We paint, talk and laugh and sometimes all that at the same time. Its a great place to gather after the live classes to recap on the classes lessons and themes. Feel free to join by clicking the G+ icon to the left. Share your screen and get hanging! 


      1. How do I send you images to critique? Which file format/resolution?

Easy! See the social media icons in the top right? Follow the YouTube/Facebook/Twitter icons and message me there with your work and I will add it to the critique queue! I work best with a jpeg, and anything above 1000 x 1000 pixels is best. 

      2. What is the critique queue? 

The critique queue is a list of everyone's submissions. Most likely you will have to wait until you see your work critiqued on stream.

      3. Where can I get your brush pack?

You can find them in the "Store" tab at the top right. 

      4. What/Where/When are the free critique hours?

The critique hours are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm EST Time. They are held LIVE on YouTube. Anyone can join and there is no specific student list or guest list. There is a chat box where you can link me images to critique!

      5. What is the 14-Day Challenge? Why should I participate? 

The 14-Day challenge is typically a portraiture painting challenge that lasts two weeks. You are required to paint a face from scratch for 14 days in a row. However, you cannot graduate to the next day unless you have attained a critique. The Google+ community is amazing for this! After your critique, you repaint the face again, applying all the new insight you've received from either myself or your peers. You should participate because it is a great study that promotes a healthy learning habit and perfects your understanding of a face, which is a vital skill set all artists should have. The basic template set up and guidelines are as follows: 

  • The whole image must be painted in grey-scale. This is a great way to keep focus on form, structure and facial anatomy and not distract the learning with color balance or saturation. A 14-day challenge can be painted with color, but it is recommended you complete the challenge in grey-scale first. 
  • No hair, body, accessories, makeup (war paint, excessive eye-liner, lipstick etc.). Keep the focus only on the raw subject. 
  • You can watch numerous 14-day challenge critiques on my YouTube channel if you need help figuring out where to start.