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Istebrak is an Iraqi born Canadian currently living in New York. She is a freelance illustrator, but teaches fundamentals and fine arts professionally full time. She studied English Literature and started teaching professionally at the age of 23. Her subjects were English, Astronomy, and finally the fundamentals of visual arts and design. Her tool of choice is Adobe Photoshop, with a set of custom brushes designed by herself.

Her current tablets are: Huion H610Pro and a Huion GT-220, reviews for both can be found on her YouTube channel. She also founded and led the development of PortraitStudio, a reference generation software designed to build full custom studio scenes from a desktop, working doubly as a key learning and demonstration tool for the core fundamentals in rotation and visual physics. She is currently drafting her final art thesis, acquired through her years of art knowledge and teaching experience, and will soon release it to her store by the end of 2019.

She runs free critique session streams from her YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM EST. Her full video history and more can be found HERE.

If you’d like to send Istebrak any fan mail or other merchandise, send them to:

21 Day St, Fredonia, NY 14063 P.O. Box # 401