Private tutoring is a great way for a student to buckle down and really focus on the grit in art education. Its a great place to take on all the daunting fundamentals and principles in art. I offer tutoring for a number of fields, including portraiture, gesture and figure drawing, boosting technique and technique efficiency, general human anatomy, forming and sculpting 3-D structures, colors and color theory, design and composition and much more. 

            During my tutoring I try not to restrict the student into studying my preferred material, but use all the educational tools available to boost and enhance the student's current niche in art. I try to combine all the laws of realism with their preferred style in art (caricature, anime and cartooning etc.) and create a beautiful balance of style, realism and the students unique art identity. Any of these price tiers below can be spread out in the week/month within which they are booked.


"I have taken a number of art & illustration courses and classes throughout the years but nothing compares to the results that I have gotten from Istebrak’s art tutorials. Her teaching style is honest, fun and precise. In just one month I have seen a dramatic improvement in my work and approach things in a whole new ”light”. I know that, once my sessions are over, I will be enrolling in more. So worth while." Lyle Doucette - Illustrator, Electric Paper Company


"Apart from being an incredibly skilled and insightful artist, Istebrak also possesses an uncanny quality of empathy as a teacher. This allows her to understand a student's thinking patterns and step in and make the necessary corrections. As a result, the learning process is sped up immensely and improvement starts to show immediately. Through her guidance I have not only grown as an artist, but also developed a deeper understanding and respect for the medium itself. I have gone through various educational institutions and I can say without a doubt that Istebrak is one of the best teachers I have encountered. Her tutoring is an investment that I highly recommend." Anthony Konstantopoulos, Student, Illustrator

"Istebrak quickly discerns bad art habits you formed in your work and puts a magnifying glass on them. She is amazing at being able to work from your individual skill level and build up from there in the most effective way possible. Her 14 day challenge was essential for me to see what it actually means to practice effectively- in such a small time, not only did my art improve, but how I looked at art and the world around me also. She gives the tools you need to think critically about your own work and how you can keep at it even after the tutoring is over." Adam Woods, Student, Illustrator





If you're interested in enrolling in private tutoring, just fill out the form below.  Make sure you to include which price tier you are interested in within the 'Subject' box and in the 'Message' box include your preferred area of focus. (i.e. portraiture, landscapes, color theory, form and sculpting, etc.)  I will contact you upon availability.

DISCLAIMER:  I provide my time as I run the classes and design customized curriculum, but please remember once you pay for classes it is your responsibility to show up and participate. This includes completing homework as well as showing up on time.  Classes will be counted and not refunded if you do not show up, are late or are absent for months at a time.  Failure to show up to class or tardiness results in a counted class.  24 hour notice is required for cancellations. Payment plans are available.

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This hour includes a full paint-over critique of any subject of your choice. It offers an on-the-spot guide for what to do with your work and a full diagnosis of your artistic weaknesses. For lack of time, this hour does not include a customized curriculum designed to tackle your weaknesses. 

This hour can also be used as a portfolio review. 


This 7-day program offers 7 one-hour sessions of an intensive lesson plan embedded in a paint-over critique focused on a single area, whether it be anatomy, color theory, values etc. The lesson plan comes with a full diagnoses of your weaknesses and contains a specific curriculum designed to tackle your specific weaknesses and concerns. These sessions, along with the sessions from any higher price tier, can be completed over a time of your choosing, with at least 5 days in between each session to allow for the completion of homework and mental digestion of each lesson. All homework reflects the specifics of each lecture, and provides the student with multiple opportunities to recreate the lesson, ensuring solidification and retainment of the skill. 


This intensive 2-week session hosts one of the most popular challenges I offer- the "14-Day-Challenge". I provide a portraiture paint-over critique for every session for 14 days and the results are always phenomenal. These two weeks are not restricted to the 14-Day-Challenge, we can use them to hone in on your strengths, develop techniques and identify and challenge weaknesses with customized homework and assignments. 

Form studies are standard homework and are assigned to help the student develop their form and sculpting--which is an over-all benefit that boosts technique and brush work and technical knowledge. Any of these price tiers can be spread over a couple months and do not have to be hosted in succession.

Working with Istebrak is a wonderful experience. I mean, you set your goals and point out the issues you want to work on. Then, Istebrak guides you carefully up to that next level. In one word: result driven. Okay, two words.
— Arn Bollen, Illustrator

            Homework is expected in any one of these price tiers, and homework has to be completed before any class begins. This ensures the session's full success in targeting specific weaknesses and habits.

            A session will not be booked and payment will not be made unless time-zone issues are resolved and a desired curriculum is identified by the student. 

            Please remember these lessons will be hosted in a professional environment. However, the fun and enjoyment of meeting one-another always adds a memorable highlight to each hour and there is always room for fun and laughter. Please do not apply if your schedule does not allow time for sessions, homework and homework revisions.

            If you are interested, please fill out the application form above. 


Student improvement showcase

             I always encourage students to work in grey-scale early on in the sessions to help diagnose their issues in anatomy and form and sculpting. I focus on these two major avenues of practice quite aggressively, as they are usually what every student suffers from. Some of these students experienced improvement after 6 or 7 sessions spread over several weeks. Every curriculum is customized to each student's needs and goals for their art career. Below you'll find some examples of student improvement under my tutelage and some from the G+ community and through my weekly critique-hours hosted publicly through YouTube. Observe how students improve in both anatomy and form knowledge. Blending and technique and use of color are also improved drastically. 


My refund policy is strict.  No refund will be provided 2 weeks after booking the classes. Classes can be frozen if a student expects a maximum of 3 weeks absence, unless otherwise allowed by the instructor. Any harassment, insult or abuse will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiting the position as student, without refund. 


"My classes with Istebrak have been a wonderful learning experience. I have gotten a great jump-start to my fundamentals. Also Istebrak is a great instructor, she is always willing to share her knowledge and experience. These tutoring classes were time and money well spent" - Ruth Rivera, Student